Friday, May 18, 2012

T - 6 Days Until I'm Banded!!

I'm getting excited about my surgery. I go to the surgery center Monday to have some blood work done and pee in a cup. They are suppose to go over my post-op diet with me too. 

I'm not really felling horrible on the pre-op diet. I did have a moment on day 3, I was really hungry and had been taking care of my child and kind of put aside eating for longer than I should have. I blew up at my husband and there was crying AND I was using a big knife to chop up my fruit...... and that is when I decided that now was not the time to discuss anything important or have any type of argument with my husband. Being hungry could make me a tad irrational (putting it nicely).

I have lost 4 pounds since last Thursday when I started the pre-op diet. I'm not sure how that measures up to everyone else, but my diet is a little different than some of the other diets that I have read about. 

I had my review at work this week and I hope to have some really good news to sure soon :)

Well that's it for now.


  1. Yeah for 4 lbs! I'm just on day 3 of pre-op, and trying to avoid the scale until Tuesday (my going to be official weigh in day).

  2. Great job on the 4 pounds, but I think I'm more impressed that you recognized how you were feeling and didn't lose your mind completely while holding the knife :)

    Good luck this week!!

  3. Don't make eye contact or try to engage at all in any important conversations during pre - op. You will kick yourself later. I made the decision to renovate a bathroom during pre-op - Im still renovating and regretting. Also a good idea not to touch knives during this time either LOL!!! You're pre op sounds great and 4lbs lost is 4lbs that won't come back.

    Wishing you all the best for your surgery and recovery - you're in for quite a ride but the bogs are great she you need some support!