Monday, May 14, 2012


I know what my out of pocket expense is going to be, so I'm not freaking out about not being able to have the surgery. The surgery center is helping me out a lot, because I have crappy insurance. I'm going to reach my bariatric surgery life time max the day of the surgery, so after the first 90 days of after care, I'll be self pay at $150 an appointment. Of course if my insurance changes, than the clock is reset. It's a good thing I've been following along with the diet :)


  1. At least your surgery and first 90 days is covered but that sounds like as good a reason as any to move insurers. Does that work the same as switching car insurance providers?

    1. I have insurance through my work. So switching is not an option. I'd have to find a new job and hope they have better coverage. I'm still going to do it.

  2. Just do what I say! My office visits are now $300 and I don't go...It's huge on the overall positives!