Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 5 of Pre-Op Diet

I have been on this pre-op diet for 5 days (today is the start of day 5) and I think things have been going good. I'm drinking my 2 protein shakes and chicken broth (like a rock star!) until dinner. I'm eating lean meat and veggies for dinner, and I'm snaking on SF Jello. I went to a going away party for work on Friday and had only iced tea. I turned down chips and dip and chicken wings... I noticed that some of my jeans are a little loose, but the scale didn't show a loss..... I'm going to re-way myself tomorrow before the shower (I swear!!) and without the wet towel on my head (I know that stuff is throwing off my weight).

I'm still waiting to hear about my out of pocket expense from the surgery center, but I got the Dr's out about amount after I read the Insurance Coordinator the riot act on Friday.  The surgery center lady didn't get my info until last Tuesday and she was out of the office Thursday and Friday.... So, I'll give her until tomorrow to get back to me.

It amazes me that doctor's offices think they do not have to provide good customer service. If you tell me that you are going to do something, I expect you to do it. I except to know what it's going to cost me before I have this procedure. They except me to pay them, right?  I'm a customer and I will go somewhere else. It's not just this doctor's office, it's all of them. My Chiropractor's billing person is horrible. She sent something to my insurance incorrectly and they denied it, I called the office and told them there was an issue with my bill, she called me back right away. She told me that she was going to call me back after speaking with my insurance. Did she call me back? No. I left 3 messages with the office to have her call me back and I got not response from her. So the next time I was in the office I was talking to the lady at the counter and she told me this sob story about what was going on with the lady that does the billing, how her child was sick. **I feel sorry about her sick kid, but from a customer service prospective, it's not my fault that this lady had a family issue and it shouldn't be used to explain away the lack of service that I'm getting. They should have a back up person taking care of her duties and calling me back.** The last time I left a message, it was for the office manager to call me and guess what happened? The billing lady called me instead and said, I'm not sure what you were calling in regards too, but I was told to call you. I asked about my jacked up charges and she said.... They were fixed and I left you a message. Really? I have voice mail that only I can check and I didn't get a message from her. I really, really, really, love my Chiropractor or I would go somewhere else.  They also have an assistant in there that I have had to explained to that I have a hyphenated last name (like Smith-Weston [not my actual last name] and that my first name is Jane, she keeps calling me Smith, not Mrs. Smith, but Smith. I have explained to her multiple times that when you alphabetize by last name my stuff should be in the S's not the W's. Than she tells me we alphabetize by last name and I always tell her that my first name is Jane and my last name is Smith-Weston and than she calls me Smith again.... (I'm banging my head at this point) and this happens every time I'm in the office.


  1. Runaway, deny all knowledge, if they've filed it wrong and screwed up their records, why are you bashing your head about it?

  2. It's fixed now and my point is that it seems to me that customer service is lost on people who work in the medical field. They act like you don't have a choice in who you see. I would rather put my spine in the hands of a chiropractor that I trust than try out someone else and end up with an injury.