Sunday, June 24, 2012

Busy Week and 1 Month Bandiversary

I haven't posted anything for a little while because I have been really busy. I did start 3 different blogs and never got the chance to finish them :( Oh well, I'm going to try to sum the last few weeks up.

I ended up taking 2 extra weeks off work after my surgery because of a complication see blog here about that. I went back to work on June 11th and have been busy busy busy. I'm working on a really important project at work that was suppose to start on July 1st, but when I got back I learned that it should have started on June 1st, but FEMA didn't get around to approving it until June 11th. After the approval I was given the go ahead to create the training documents and teach the training to the folks that are helping on the project.

My department moved from are temporary digs finally on Friday, here is a picture of my almost completely packed desk. Can you believe I had 7 boxes of stuff and 1 tote in this little area? That doesn't even include the computer stuff!  I'll post a picture of my new full size cube next week, so you can see the difference!


On a different note I changed my birth control a few months ago and I was luck enough to have the worst week ever due to my TOM. I'm pretty sure that I need something different. So when I see my OBGYN next week, we are going to figure out what the hell is going on!

On the weight loss front, I'm still hanging on to a 17 lb weight loss. I do have restriction, even without a fill. I cannot eat anywhere near the same amount of food that I use to be able too. I'm making sure to get my protein in, but I'm not working out like I should be. I'm more active, but not "working out." So my game plan is...... I'm going to wake up early next week and do some walking before the family gets up and I'm racing to get out of the house. I'm not starting on Monday, but Thursday. I'm also going to log in to My Fitness Pal and figure out how to make it work for me. So far, I'm not a fan.

Friday, June 15, 2012

3 Weeks In

I'm still on soft meat, so I thought that I would try something new Lowerys Pulled Pork BBQ. There was too much sauce and it didn't go down well. I didn't get stuck, but it was kind of gurgly going down and it really didn't taste good. Today I tried some cottage cheese and had the same issues, so maybe it has to do with the amount of liquid in the product. Anyone else have this issue? Also I haven't lost any weight this week, but my clothes are getting looser.

So at work I was given a really important project that started this week. So far it's going really well. I have also been waiting for my meeting with my manager about my raise. During my performance review my super let it slip that I might be getting promoted, but I found out that my promotion didn't get approved. The part that sucks, is the reason that it didn't get approved, I cannot control. See the cheap bastards that bought the company that I work for a few years ago, have some stupid rule about promotions. You cannot be promoted, if the max raise doesn't put you into the new positions pay band and my current salary plus the max raise leaves me $777 under the pay band. Yep they wouldn't give me an additional $777 a year. I'm never going to make any money here and it's stupid that I cannot get promoted because of my salary.  Good news is that I got a nice raise.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Two Week Bandiversary

Four weeks ago (the day I started my pre-op diet) I weighed in at 272 and as of today I'm 255. SO that is 17lbs in a months!!

My surgery was two weeks ago today.  I still have a little pain in my stomach on my left side, it is not bad enough for pain meds. I can kind of sleep on my sides again. I think the pain is from my band. I'm not having any problems with food. I have had chicken and a small slice of thin crust pizza and no issues. I'm keeping up with the stool softeners, so no more issues with that either.

NSV- My fat pants are sooooo big that I can take them on and off without unbuttoning and unzipping them. They are way too big to wear out in public. They are a 22 blue circle from LB. The 20 blue circles fit in the waist but are too big in the butt and thighs. My 22 red triangles that I bought before I found out I was pregnant summer of 2010 fit again in all the right places. LB sizing is confusing and even the items that are the same size and cut DO NOT FIT THE SAME. So annoying!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WTF Wednesday

I have a 14 month old son and he is a vocal child. Children his age are suppose to say single words and babble a lot. My child babbles and then says full sentences. He started this a few months ago by saying "get the kitty" and not he says "what ya doing" "why you do that" "who are you" "what is that" "what is this" "let me do it" "I do it" "I did it" "go outside," I'm not sure where some of these even came from. I thought that I was just turning his babbling into sentences, but he is really saying them. WTF!!

The same 14 month old  is also a screamer. He screams all of the time for no reason like he is being murdered or kidnapped. Everyone tells me he's just frustrated because he cannot communicate what he wants.  WTF!!! I cannot wait for this phase to be over.

I don't like tuna salad, chicken salad, coleslaw, or anything with mayo or miracle whip, but I started craving tuna salad for some reason WTF! A very specific tuna salad that was served at this restaurant I worked at 12 years ago. So I tried to make it from memory and it was nasty. I still hate tuna salad.

I had my post op appointment over the phone. My surgeon it trying something "new."  WTF!! I think it's because they have so many patients that they are too busy to see everyone. Case in point, the nurse had a hard time finding a time slot 5 weeks out to schedule my first fill- July 2nd!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday, Monday, Monday...

  • I've been watching the Food and Cook Networks and been on Pinterest looking at food...... all the time. I'm board with the mushy stuff and want to eat some meat.
  • I have to go to the surgeons office today and drop off my FMLA/STD paper work.
  • My husband and I took the baby on a long walk yesterday to the store to rent a movie. I was not dressed for a long walk, but I brought my spray fan!
  • I'm having a hard time juggling getting in all off my water and waiting to drink until 30 mins or so after I eat.
  • So back in March my husband told me that he was going on a diet and was going to lose weight.... This was my Anniversary gift. Since then he has not been dieting at all. He goes to the store and buy Cheetos, ice cream, cookies, candy, Hot Pockets, Kool Aid, the list goes on. He is really pissing me off. Now he wants to get rid of cable and go to some freaking computer ran over air complicatedness. I told him that the only way I was giving up cable is if he got under 300 lbs and stayed there for a few weeks. He has to lose 11 lbs and he's not really interested. I suggested that he try Weight Watchers. His version of a diet is me making him food and him eating it. He needs to read, learn, and follow a diet on his own and it really doesn't matter which diet.
  • I'm down 17.5 pounds since starting my pre-op diet, just over 3 weeks ago.
  • I'm breaking up with Lane Bryant. I refuse to buy anything else from them. It's a good thing that I have a stockpile of smaller sized clothes, so maybe I'll get through some of the weight loss without having to buy a lot of clothes. Now here's the problem. It's hot, I'm hot (sweaty hot) and I don't really have a lot of summer wear clothes. I normally just don't wear shorts and I only have a few capri pants, but I feel that it's time to start wearing shorts.

That's all folks..... I'm hungry, so I'm gonna get my mushy on.