Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WTF Wednesday

I have a 14 month old son and he is a vocal child. Children his age are suppose to say single words and babble a lot. My child babbles and then says full sentences. He started this a few months ago by saying "get the kitty" and not he says "what ya doing" "why you do that" "who are you" "what is that" "what is this" "let me do it" "I do it" "I did it" "go outside," I'm not sure where some of these even came from. I thought that I was just turning his babbling into sentences, but he is really saying them. WTF!!

The same 14 month old  is also a screamer. He screams all of the time for no reason like he is being murdered or kidnapped. Everyone tells me he's just frustrated because he cannot communicate what he wants.  WTF!!! I cannot wait for this phase to be over.

I don't like tuna salad, chicken salad, coleslaw, or anything with mayo or miracle whip, but I started craving tuna salad for some reason WTF! A very specific tuna salad that was served at this restaurant I worked at 12 years ago. So I tried to make it from memory and it was nasty. I still hate tuna salad.

I had my post op appointment over the phone. My surgeon it trying something "new."  WTF!! I think it's because they have so many patients that they are too busy to see everyone. Case in point, the nurse had a hard time finding a time slot 5 weeks out to schedule my first fill- July 2nd!


  1. Which office do you go to, the one on Lamar?

    1. Yes, the office on Lamar. Dr Malley was my surgeon.

  2. I have had a lot of my appointments over the phone. I really appreciate not having to make the journey to the clinic with petrol prices being what they are if I don't need to. It's different when I physically have to be there but to discuss my progress, I don't. I can make face to face appointments if I need them though. I had a funny glue job on one of my wounds after surgery and at my 3 days post check, I was concerned it might heal badly. They said to give it a couple more days but if it wasn't better at my 5 day check, they would make me an appointment. Thankfully the glue had loosened and was looking flatter. No 45 minute drive to the clinic needed. :oD

  3. I went today and then have to go back in 2 weeks for another appt. He had NO open appts in 2 weeks so now I'm going back in 3 weeks... It is rather annoying!