Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let the Training Began and Your Invited to Join!!

My friend N and I are training for a 2 mile walk. I know I told you it was a 5K, it turns out the 5K is a runners only 5K, no walkers allowed. They do have a walking part that is 2 miles. Our walk is on 9/15/12.

I came up with this training schedule for those of us that get winded walking to the car or up a flight of stairs. We started yesterday, but you can start now.  I'm going to give you one week at a time, posted on Sunday and through out the week I'm going to give you Cubicle Challenges.

A Cubicle Challenge (we work in an office) is an additional activity to do for the week (Mon-Sun), it could be getting your water in, taking the long route to the bathroom, etc.

We are staring out slow. You can walk where ever you like and at a speed that is comfortable for you. I don't want you to be so sore that you don't continue with the training.

Week 1-

Monday 7/30/12 - 10 Minute Walk (feel free to squeeze this walk in today).
Wednesday 8/1/12 - 15 Minute Walk
Friday 8/3/12 - 10 Minute Walk
Saturday 8/4/12 -18 Minute Walk

This weeks Cubicle Challenge is to drink your water. Try to get at least 80oz a day. **If your doctor wants you to drink less, follow their instructions.

Let me know if your following along and feel free to check in with me during the week.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2 Month Bandiversary

My 2 Month Bandiversary was yesterday. 
  • I started pre opt diet at 272 and I'm now 248, that's a 24 lb loss. 
  • I have had 2 fills and my 10cc band currently has 6.75CC in it. I go for another fill next week.
  • I'm wearing shirts/pants that I wore 2 years ago.
  • I didn't take any "before" photos, but I did upload a few after baby, but before surgery. The front facing one is from 2011 and the back facing one is form 2012.
  • I need to buy smaller underwear and bras. 
  • I haven't had any stuck of PBs yest (not that I want too) and I think the issues with my chest burning, may be me eating too fast. So I'm slowing it down and not having any more issues.
  • I'm making a training schedule for my first 5K. Everyone says I should look at the Couch to 5K method, and I did and it's not going to work for me and my friend. We need to start off slower... So I'm making my Couch Potato to 5K version.
  • I'm going to revamp my blog over the next month. I'm going to include more product reviews and a few guest posts. I'm thinking that I change the layout too.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WTF Wednesday - Is This What Too Tight Feels Like????

I had my fill on Monday, so I was on liquids Monday and liquids/mushies yesterday. Last night I had some pain in my chest where my band is (kind of under my rib cage on the left) after I took 1 small pill (it was a Benadryl), it didn't feel stuck, but my band wasn't happy lot of burning sensations and I needed a heating pad too help with the pain. Today I've been trying to eat soft foods and my chest hurts with the food going down. Does this mean I'm too tight or that I need to eat smaller bites? WTF?

SO far this week has felt like a whole week of Mondays. I'm on the 3rd Monday in a row WTF?

WTF? -This week I had the 1st comment that pissed me off. I'm an adult and I do not need a blog mom. I feel that I censor my comments and stories enough before I post. I do not need another adult to tell me that I should not be posting something. I'm not telling stories with peoples names and I'm not saying anything that I haven't' said to my girlfriends not in the blog world.  I'm not even using my real name on my blog, I'm smart enough to realize that my blog is not completely anonymous and that is fine by me. I'm here for support and that includes support for things that I need to get off of my chest and ranting releases stress, and that helps with stress eating.
So I added this disclaimer-

The thoughts, opinions, and stories shared on this site are my own, you may not like them and you may not find them useful. I’m probably going to upset someone at some point with what I choose to blog about. You have the option to not follow me or read my blog if you are offended or dislike what you are reading, just like I may choose to delete comments that I find rude or inappropriate.

On a happier note, I have decided to do a 5K. I plan on walking the first in September and then running the second in October. I'm thinking that my first motivation reward to myself will be going to Orlando and participating in the Disney Princess Half Marathon which is 13 miles and you have to be able to pace a 16 min or better mile to participate!!!!!!! It's in February. I cannot even imagine walking a 5K at this moment, so this is kind of a scary for me to plan on running 13 miles!! WTF am I thinking and did you see that I'm calling it a reward. Yep, I'm kind of crazy. I have to follow through with the training for the 5K before I register for the Half Marathon.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fill Number 2

I got my 2nd fill this morning. Karen the NP at my surgeons office added 1.5cc to the 5.25cc in my band for a total of 6.75cc in my 10cc band. I'm feeling the restriction today and I'm on liquids for today and maybe tomorrow and then 1 day of mushies.

Here is me getting my fill today, notice the purple/pink sparkly shoes. I posted this pic on Facebook today with a comments about getting my lap band adjusted and got mixed reviews and comments. Someone commented "I hopped they fix it." The person that left that comment has had gastric bypass and lap band (not in that order), no wonder the band didn't work for her, she did understand how it worked.

We had my son's 1 year old photos taken. I'm going to leave you with a few photos from the photo shoot.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ten Things Thursday- Late

1. It rained today in KC! It's been awhile.
2. My husband and I are refinancing our home and cutting the interest in half!! It's exciting to me (this is how you know you have crossed over into adulthood, I'm not sure I would have been excited about something like this when I was 21).
3. I came across Bariatric Foodie Blog the other day and then I found this great post Bariatric Foodie Fitting It All In Jen the blogger of this post had RNY, so Bandsters like myself are probably not taking the same amount of vitamins that she is, but we are all trying to get the right amount of water and protein in everyday. I like how she walks through her day and tells you how she is meeting her goals. I also learned that I should count my protein shake as breakfast. There are also a lot of fun recipes on Bariatric Foodie, so check them out!
4. I got my first spammer comment the other day.... and then I deleted the comment.
5. Julie at The Dandy Bandy was banded yesterday, so stop by and say hi to her if you haven't already done so.
6. I'm sooooo full right now. I need to go back to eating my turkey rollups with cheese at lunch.
7. I'm getting my 2nd fill on Monday. Yeah!!
8. I really need to find some motivation to work out. I find motivation to do lots of stuff like putting on sunscreen to avoid wrinkles and using eye cream everyday to hold off the crows feet. I'm also using firming lotion everyday to help stuff go back into place (I need all the help I can get!) and I'm so freaked out by how my Mom's hands look (she has the hands of an 70 year old and shes a lot younger), that I bought this awesome Avon hand cream that helps refresh how your hands look over night..... and it's helping. So why can I not find the motivation to move my body??? Maybe if I thought the girls were falling I'd at east do some push ups.
9. Rant Time -I have a brother that is 29 and I cannot understand how we are related. He has been  mooching off of my parents for years. He lives with my parents, he cannot hold a job, he has 2 kids that live with his wife (the cannot afford to get divorced, she is just like him), he doesn't pay child support, he ruined his car (well it's my Dad's car, cause he actually bought it) he ran the car out of oil, he keeps losing his driver's license because of a stupid seat belt ticket (a $10 ticket) that he didn't pay, and he keeps dragging is girlfriend's animals home to my parents house (don't get me started on the GF, she is also just like my brother). The GF's female dog got pregnant, the kicker is that my brother and his GF say that the did this on purpose. Yesterday, when my husband and I went to pick up our child, my brother brought down one of the 3 week old puppies (I'm not sure why the puppies and mom are at my parent, they have been at the GF apartment) to show me (the one that my brother wants to keep) and I'm like, you have no money, why did you need to keep a dog that you cannot take care of? And why the hell did your GF not get the dog fixed (better question is why does she have the dog in the first place? She cannot take care of her own kids and they live with other people, but I digress)? The dog is a mutt, so it's not like they breed her and could sell the puppies (I'm not really cool with that either). Anyway my brother hears that I'm not ok with this situation and storms out and my mom goes "just leave him alone."  Really? That attitude is exactly the reason that he is the way he is, because he can get away with it. All of his friends are exactly the same way.
10. In other news, I got the first check with my raise on it and my husbands insurance..... Yep adding the hubbs to my insurance eats up almost all of my raise, I got a whopping  $1.13 more than the last check.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Scale Victory

So I had a fill on July 2nd. I didn't know this but my band had 3cc in it already. After my fill, I now have 5.25cc. I had a day of liquids and then a day of mushies. It was weird to finally feel some tightness, I noticed it when I was eating some applesauce. It wasn't uncomfortable or anything, but it was moving slowly through my band. Fast forward a few days and I'm noticing that I'm not getting hungry as soon after meals and that I'm full.

The fill itself was strange. My weekly allergy shots hurt worse then getting the fill and I wasn't numbed up or anything. The Nurse Practitioner Karen found my port by touch, removed all of the saline that was in my band to figure out how much I already had, she put it back in, and then added more. I was lying down on a table the whole time with a need sticking out of my stomach. I did bleed a little and I did end up with a bruise over my port.

OK so now on to the scale. So I weighed in yesterday at 250.5. That means I'm down 22.5lbs. YEAH ME!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

First Fill!!

The scale seemed to be stuck for a few weeks, but I can now report that I'm down another 1.5lbs. I have lost 19.5 lbs since 5/10/12, when I started my Pre-Op diet. I'm going to have to look for another swim suit, mine is a little big and bad things happen when big suits get wet!!

Anyway, I'm going to get my first fill today at 3pm. I'm seeing the nurse practitioner and not the surgeon. I do have some silly questions to ask her.... Like where is my port? I guess that will be easy to answer, because she has to find it to fill it. How big many CC is my band? This weird twinge I feel on my left side sometimes, is that my band??