Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let the Training Began and Your Invited to Join!!

My friend N and I are training for a 2 mile walk. I know I told you it was a 5K, it turns out the 5K is a runners only 5K, no walkers allowed. They do have a walking part that is 2 miles. Our walk is on 9/15/12.

I came up with this training schedule for those of us that get winded walking to the car or up a flight of stairs. We started yesterday, but you can start now.  I'm going to give you one week at a time, posted on Sunday and through out the week I'm going to give you Cubicle Challenges.

A Cubicle Challenge (we work in an office) is an additional activity to do for the week (Mon-Sun), it could be getting your water in, taking the long route to the bathroom, etc.

We are staring out slow. You can walk where ever you like and at a speed that is comfortable for you. I don't want you to be so sore that you don't continue with the training.

Week 1-

Monday 7/30/12 - 10 Minute Walk (feel free to squeeze this walk in today).
Wednesday 8/1/12 - 15 Minute Walk
Friday 8/3/12 - 10 Minute Walk
Saturday 8/4/12 -18 Minute Walk

This weeks Cubicle Challenge is to drink your water. Try to get at least 80oz a day. **If your doctor wants you to drink less, follow their instructions.

Let me know if your following along and feel free to check in with me during the week.


  1. Good for you. Are you going to set yourself a time challenge too?