Monday, July 2, 2012

First Fill!!

The scale seemed to be stuck for a few weeks, but I can now report that I'm down another 1.5lbs. I have lost 19.5 lbs since 5/10/12, when I started my Pre-Op diet. I'm going to have to look for another swim suit, mine is a little big and bad things happen when big suits get wet!!

Anyway, I'm going to get my first fill today at 3pm. I'm seeing the nurse practitioner and not the surgeon. I do have some silly questions to ask her.... Like where is my port? I guess that will be easy to answer, because she has to find it to fill it. How big many CC is my band? This weird twinge I feel on my left side sometimes, is that my band??


  1. Good luck with the fill! You're doing so well!! (I'm 4 months out and still sometimes get a little twinge on my left side, too - I'm assuming it's an internal stitch or something, because it's not really painful, just kinda 'there')

  2. Are you seeing Karen Gage? I LOVE her!! She rocks my socks off! :) good luck with your fill!

  3. I did see Karen today. I had 3cc in my band (who knew?) and now I have 5.25cc and go back in 2 weeks.