Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WTF Wednesday - Is This What Too Tight Feels Like????

I had my fill on Monday, so I was on liquids Monday and liquids/mushies yesterday. Last night I had some pain in my chest where my band is (kind of under my rib cage on the left) after I took 1 small pill (it was a Benadryl), it didn't feel stuck, but my band wasn't happy lot of burning sensations and I needed a heating pad too help with the pain. Today I've been trying to eat soft foods and my chest hurts with the food going down. Does this mean I'm too tight or that I need to eat smaller bites? WTF?

SO far this week has felt like a whole week of Mondays. I'm on the 3rd Monday in a row WTF?

WTF? -This week I had the 1st comment that pissed me off. I'm an adult and I do not need a blog mom. I feel that I censor my comments and stories enough before I post. I do not need another adult to tell me that I should not be posting something. I'm not telling stories with peoples names and I'm not saying anything that I haven't' said to my girlfriends not in the blog world.  I'm not even using my real name on my blog, I'm smart enough to realize that my blog is not completely anonymous and that is fine by me. I'm here for support and that includes support for things that I need to get off of my chest and ranting releases stress, and that helps with stress eating.
So I added this disclaimer-

The thoughts, opinions, and stories shared on this site are my own, you may not like them and you may not find them useful. I’m probably going to upset someone at some point with what I choose to blog about. You have the option to not follow me or read my blog if you are offended or dislike what you are reading, just like I may choose to delete comments that I find rude or inappropriate.

On a happier note, I have decided to do a 5K. I plan on walking the first in September and then running the second in October. I'm thinking that my first motivation reward to myself will be going to Orlando and participating in the Disney Princess Half Marathon which is 13 miles and you have to be able to pace a 16 min or better mile to participate!!!!!!! It's in February. I cannot even imagine walking a 5K at this moment, so this is kind of a scary for me to plan on running 13 miles!! WTF am I thinking and did you see that I'm calling it a reward. Yep, I'm kind of crazy. I have to follow through with the training for the 5K before I register for the Half Marathon.


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  2. Unfortunately sounds like you might be too tight...I was going through the same thing for the last week, but I wanted to wait a little before I schedule an unfill because I feel like mine stretches a little after 2 weeks. I am now able to get more foods down, although not all foods and am still giving it a little more time. I guarantee that I agree with you..WTF!!! It sucks trying to find the green zone...on your other note, I totally agree as well. If they don't want to read, then they can move on to the next blog and stop following. I don't even think you need the Congrats on the 5K & the Half Marathon! Awesome for you to take this on! Good luck...!!!

  3. It's your blog post what you want! I will not censor what I write on my own BLOG! This is not a forum for PC crap... this is reality! Post away girlie I will keep reading!!! No disclaimer needed, the nerve of that person is wherein lies the trouble with people!!

  4. Yay for deciding to do a 5K!!! I say write whatever you want. I never use my real name and until recently didn't even post my picture...but I say do and say whatever feels comfortable to you.

  5. I'm laughing my ass off on the disclaimer... Funny.

  6. my surgeon gives all his patients a dice or 1 die (?) anyways he says while you are getting use to your new bite size keep it with you while you eat, your entire bite should be no bigger... and I agree we should feel free to blog about whatever the hell we want and lately it seems a lot of bloggers seem to not like what others are posting, like you said dont follow us. yay on the 5k..

  7. you might be too tight, but you might just be eating too fast or taking too big of bites. It is really hard to tell.

    I can't believe someone made a snarky comment on your blog. Is it wrong that I am laughing because a. it isn't on my blog and b. because it wasn't my comment...