Monday, July 16, 2012

Fill Number 2

I got my 2nd fill this morning. Karen the NP at my surgeons office added 1.5cc to the 5.25cc in my band for a total of 6.75cc in my 10cc band. I'm feeling the restriction today and I'm on liquids for today and maybe tomorrow and then 1 day of mushies.

Here is me getting my fill today, notice the purple/pink sparkly shoes. I posted this pic on Facebook today with a comments about getting my lap band adjusted and got mixed reviews and comments. Someone commented "I hopped they fix it." The person that left that comment has had gastric bypass and lap band (not in that order), no wonder the band didn't work for her, she did understand how it worked.

We had my son's 1 year old photos taken. I'm going to leave you with a few photos from the photo shoot.


  1. what a cutiepie.

    I love the shoes

  2. I hope they fixed it.

    (just messin with ya )

  3. Nice pic of your fill! Wish I'd thought to do that!

  4. Bypass AND the Band, and still saying things like that? Wow, I feel bad for that person. I like the fill pic and your adorable son!