Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guess What?

I got my insurance approval today!!!! My banding date is 5/24!! I don't have to do any other pre surgery stuff for my insurance. My pre-op appointment is this Friday and I will start my pre-op diet maybe Monday?


  1. Yeah! Do you have the 2 weeks on liquids? Good luck!

    1. My pre-op diet is not all liquids, just the day before. The rest of the 2 weeks, I will have a protein shake for breakfast and lunch, and a low cal dinner of lean protein and steamed veggies. I can also have 2 servings of fruit.

  2. Approval quickly and a date? YIPEE! I just got my date yesterday, scheduled for the 21st. So glad to finally have the date and can start planning. Good luck with the pre-op diet.