Sunday, May 27, 2012

3 Days Post Op

I'm not too bad, I'm sore enough in the stomach area that I still need my prescription pain med every 4-6 hours, which is making my skin itch. I have not been very nauseous and I have been real gassy.  I have been pretty sleepy, which may be a combo of the pain med and just having surgery. I'm really not sleeping very well at night. I'm waking up every few hours and I'm not really sure why.

One day post-op, my 14 month old child started vomiting, not spitting up, but projectile vomiting and running a small fever. So being sore and trying to help clean my child, the couch, the floor, myself, and my husband up was interesting and we had to repeat this 3 times. I'm glad no one else came down with his bug.

Anyway, I'm on clear liquids until Tuesday and then it's full liquids and I'm planning on making some soup, split pea, broccoli cheddar, and maybe pumpkin.


  1. I'm day 5 - no longer on the pain meds, but man is my stomach itchy as well! I think it might be the steri strips. Can't wait until they start to fall off, though I'm sure it is going to be another bit before it happens.

    Cannot imagine having to try and take care of a young one at this time. It is just me and my dog. You are an amazing momma!

    1. I'm started having the same itchy problem last night... I still have some of the iodine on my tummy that is hard to get off and kind of sticky.