Monday, May 7, 2012

D - 17 Days

  • I have 17 days to go before I'm banded!!
  • I have 3 days to go before I start my pre-op diet. Which my dad who is banded said he would do with me (he needs to get back on the "band wagon") and I'm trying to talk my husband into doing it with me too.
  • I have 16 days before I'm on the all clear liquid diet and I'm a little scared about that, because I'll be at work...... Watch out people!!
  • I should only have to buy socks for a while. I have clothes to a size 10/12. I'm thinking that I should be fine, unless I need more dress clothes. I'm not swearing off shopping, but I will not need to buy complete wardrobes of different sizes while I'm losing.
  • It's sooooo hot and humid here (it's been like 87 plus and it's only May) that I may have to forgo swearing off shorts/skirts in public. Cause this girl is hot and not in a good way.
The only thing that I'm kind of worried about is who is going with me to the surgery center. My husband has taken May 24th and 25th off at his current job, but is waiting on an offer from another job (he should here from them today) and if he gives 2 weeks notice today/tomorrow, he will be staring at the new place the week of my surgery. I may have to have either my mom or dad go with me and the other stay with my child (they watch him when we are working) and maybe my friend can come over and hang out with me on Friday. I think that I may sleep a lot the day after, so I don't know if I want to have someone in the house with me or not. Any ideas??


  1. Well, speaking from an HR perspective, it is not at all unusual to accept a job, and request a start date three weeks out, as opposed to two. I'm not sure what line of work he is in, but I doubt this would be a deal-breaker for him, unless there are financial considerations for you guys. ood luck with your pre-op kick-off. The first few days are the most brutal!

  2. Good luck to you...the first 2 or 3 days are the hardest and then you will be in ok shape when your body adjusts. Keep us updated on how things go. I'm rooting for you!

    Oh and just as a heads up, you may want to consider removing the comment verification on your blog, because many people cant commnet via their phone when they have to enter the code (it is a huge PITA). I took mine off and I don't have issues with Spam. Just a thought!

  3. That's so great that your dad is doing the pre-op diet with you. It definitely helps to have support!