Thursday, May 3, 2012

10 Things Thursday and a few WTF for WTF Wednesday

Alternate title; WTF Thursday!!!

1. I was approved for Lap Band Surgery and have my date 5/24! I don't know what time yet and the insurance coordinator was suppose to email me what my out of pocket was going to be.... WTF I'm still waiting!!

2. WTF!! I have been having some super sexy day dreams for the last few days..... Maybe it's the new birth control.

3. I have my pre-op diet, which I will start in a week.  It's not all liquid until the day before my surgery. Basically it's a protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and lean meat and steamed veggies for dinner and I can have 2 servings of fruit in my shakes or by themselves.

4. I'm getting a big project at work. It should be going strong by July, it could start sooner. I'm finishing up a different project that will drag out for a few weeks/months and I have some advance training coming up. WTF... This all happened after I got an email last Friday stating that they were more or less pulling me from my current project and no conversion about the change. This prompted me to look around for a better option. I got the conversion happened yesterday.

5. I'm organizing a fiesta at work tomorrow over lunch.... WTF.... My pre-op appointment is over lunch, so I may not get any :( There should be some tacos left when I get back.

6. I had to iron my husbands dress shirt this morning on short notice while our child was throwing a fit..... He was getting dressed an realized the blue shirt hanging with his suit was not the shirt that he wanted to wear to his interview. I asked him to make sure that everything was ready to put on today.... and of course he didn't. Men! (kind of a WTF too, right?)

7. I have been noticing that the new protein powder has a slight after taste. Sam's finally has the brand that I like back in stock (after 2 weeks of not having any).

8. Super sexy dreams are co-staring someone that I used to work with..... WTF!

9. It's super humid in Kansas City and it's only May. It's going to be a hot summer.

10. Thank god tomorrow is Friday and payday!!

Bonus - 31 followers!!!! I'm thinking about a give away, once I hit 50 followers!!!


  1. Congrats on getting approved for the surgery!! I was banded on May 27th, so that's a good time of year! :)

  2. Have you tried Nectar protein powder?

    Tulsa is already like hell on earth. I am not looking forward to 114 temps again this year.

    1. I have not tried Nectar protein, but they have a sampler pack that I might order. Thanks for the suggestion.