Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WTF Wednesday....

My first  WTF Wednesday.... from Drazil

This WTF started yesterday...  I was informed by another office that I'm in charge of  Bring your Kids to Work day in my office and it's tomorrow. They send me a packet of "activities" to copy for the kids that will be here. I email the person back and ask how many people are bringing there kids to work in my office. I was then informed that I'm suppose to know and that I should have sent out the email.... last week! (I must be Physic) So I get a copy of the email that went out to the main office and I send out an email to my office..... and then spend 4 hours answering the same questions. Why are there 2 tome sessions to sign up for if there are no activities? So my kid can only be here for 4 hours? How am I suppose to pick them up/take them home? So since I'm in charge in my office, I just tell them what I was told. Your kids can be here the whole day as long as  you are watching them. So they are all going to be here for the whole day. I start to look at the "activity" packets and they are not related to anything that my office does. They are coloring sheets, word finds, mazes, etc, busy work. Why would parents pull their kids out of school to do busy work at the office? So I found some work related themed kid activities online and am trying to find people that would be willing to be interviewed by the kids about their jobs. I want them to learn about what we do, what their parents do at work, and have the opportunity to learn about another job function.

On going Husband WTF...... My husband will not get out of bed in the morning and is always late to work. This is an issue for a few reasons: 1. We car pull. 2. We have to drop our son off at my parents. 3. Traffic.... and 27 miles turns into an hour! 4. A few months ago I  moved my start time from 8 am to 8:30 because my husband was making me late.... and than I was early and he was still late (he has to be there at 8 am, now I'm starting to be late again. 5. We need his paycheck.

My husband's boss likes to have a meeting at 8:30 am every day. If my husband is dropping me off at 8:30, he still has to drive 5 miles down the road to get to his office (don't be fooled, it take approx 20 mins to get to his office from mine!), so he is walking in after the meeting. His boss emailed him today and said that he needs to make it to the meetings. So my husband texted me and asked me how I was going to make this happen? Really??? WTF.... maybe I'll push him out of bed!

WTF?? Why am I still hungry?

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  1. I am rubbish in the morning, REALLY rubbish, so you have my sympathy but ultimately your husband is a big boy now and he needs to get his own arse into gear in the morning.

    I have 3 alarm clocks. Early time radio music for the gentle wake up (always gets snoozed) regular alarm for normal getting up (can be one or two snoozes and I am in not in a major rush) and nasty loud on the other side of the room alarm for really bad mornings. This one I have to get out of bed and cross the room to turn off. By this time I am late and once I am out of bed and upright, panic and needing the toilet usually takes over to get me going. The key is setting the first 2 early enough so that I am not late but not so early I feel I can can lie in. There is 35 minutes between alarm 1 and alarm 3. I also have the coffee machine set so my coffee is already made when I get downstairs.

    Hope this helps xx