Thursday, April 26, 2012

10 Things Thursday

1. I got an email yesterday from the surgery center and they have sent all of my paperwork to my insurance for approval!!!!!!!! I'm hoping for a quick turn around with a yes!

2. I'm really tired, I should have left my CPAP mask on all night.

3. Bring your kids to work day is going pretty smooth. My 1 year old is at Grandma's like every other work day.

4. I'm looking for a P&C Underwriting job (I have no P&C experience, but i have 3.5 years of Flood Underwrting experience and I want to move into another industry) or a job were I can work from home.... any leads?????

5. I ate a doughnut today, just one.

6. I have 26 followers!!!!

7. I watched part of a show called Extreme Cheapskates on TLC and they were taping a lady in Kansas City, MO and she went to this store called Dirty Dons..... For those of you that don't know it's a grocery salvage store and they have some other non-food items like Huggie Diapers for cheap!!  Like 88% of the food there is expired, some of it is soon to be expired (I'm ok with soon to be). They have refrigerated and frozen  items, which I wont do it they are expired and canned goods and dry goods. It is not for the weak and the place is dirty and not very organized. Everything is basically on an opened palate. So the lady purchased pasta sauce that had been expired since 2009 and cheese there and than took her kids to scavenge for salad greens at a local park and she feed the diner to children that she was babysitting. I would not be a happy camper if I found out that my child was eating  weeds from a public park, who knows what the city puts on the ground. There was also someone else on there that reused paper towel by washing them and hanging them to dry.  I'm all about a bargain, but I'm not going to reuse paper towels!

8. I need motivational ideas to help me work out. I hate working out, but I'm fine once I get started. I'm looking for something to work towards, maybe a 5K or something. Any ideas?

9. I child was being really cute last night.  He was behind the couch chasing (crawling) after one of our cats, and he kept saying kiddy and than some long string of baby babble. This went on for 5 minutes or so.

10. I have cramps! Thank you TOM and I may need chocolate.


  1. Hi there! I saw you were following me and stopped over to say hello! You now have 27 followers! : ) Looking forward to getting to know you.

  2. I am a little OCD about the the dates on food...I could never shop there.

    Hope you get a speedy approval with your insurance. I think I got mine in less than a week...but it was the longest week of my life.