Monday, March 26, 2012

The Things That I have Learned This Week

So, I have learned a few interesting things over the last few weeks.

  1. People with Lap Band shouldn't swallow gum. Not that I make a habit of swallowing gum, but it's interesting to learn that gum could block the band. Does this mean that other things the same stick, chewy texture like taffy cause the same problem? 
  2. It is incredibly hard to make an appointment with a physicist. I have been playing phone tag with one for almost two weeks and finally I got my appointment made for April 4th. I need a psychiatric evaluation for my insurance to get approved for my Lap Band.
  3. It is really stressful throwing birthday parties for 1 year olds.  My little boy turned 1 over the weekend and I had a little tiny melt down an hour before the party started. It ended up being fine and everyone had a blast.

I have my finial visit with my PCP this week, the appointment with the hard to get a hold of physicist April 4th, and the last visit with the dietician on April 9th. Hopefully I'll get my approval by mid April and have my surgery by the end of May.

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