Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My favorite blogs.

I have been researching creative ways to keep my protein up and not get board with my food choices and I came across a blog called The World According to Eggface Click Here. Shelly the blogger had Gastric Bypass in 2006 and she is so creative with food. I love that she has ideas on making protein ice cream and she shows you what she is eating. I'm not having Gastric Bypass surgery, but the principles are the same, protein first.

I also love Lap Band Gal's blog Click Here. Lap Band Gal had, can you guess? Lap Band surgery in 2009. She went from a size 24 to a size 6! I find her very motivating, because she always seems to be working out. I really hate working out! I know that I need to do it and she motivates me.

What's your favorite blog?


  1. I love those blogs too. I also found http://www.bandfriendlyrecipes.com which is awesome too. I can't wait to get to eat again to try some of the things this girls make.

  2. New follower :) Before I got banded my two favorites were Lap Band Gal's and Amy W.'s. If you haven't read hers you should... http://cheeseandsunkist.blogspot.com/
    She is funny and inspiring.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the shout out! I am your newest follower and will check back often to see how you're doing.

  4. http://cheeseandsunkist.blogspot.com/ is by far my favorite