Thursday, October 18, 2012

Such a Long Time Since I Blogged!!

Lets start off with the numbers. I have 6.75ccs in my 10cc band and I'm down a total of 35lbs from 272 at the start of my pre-opt diet on 5/10/12. 

I went to my surgeons office on 9/4/12 to get another fill, but I felt horrible that day and the NP Karen said no.... I'm really close to being in the Green Zone and when I was over filled she took out .4ccs, so I think I need .15-.2ccs to be there. Anyway she sent me for blood work to check my vitamin levels, thyroid levels, etc and everything came back as normal. I'm going to get a copy of my results and see if I'm on the low side. She thought I was going to be vitamin D deficient, so I upped my supplement intake on my own from 400iu to 2000iu and some of the symptoms I have been dealing with have subsided like my hands hurting, however my hair is still shedding, brain fog, etc.... I did read an article about Hypothyroidism II and the difficulty in diagnosing thyroid issues.

So on the weight loss front, yeah I'm losing weight!! Boooooo (says my brain... YEAHHHHHH says my tummy) Culver's Pumpkin Pecan Concrete is back and so yummy.

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  1. woot! SO close to green! I think I am too. Crazy how different it can be for each person. I'm at 7.1 and I think I need just a smidge more. Awesome loss so far! i've been stuck in weight loss for the past 2 weeks!