Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lots of Updates

Hi guys! I have been gone a long time, but I was really waiting on answers to share with you.

I have not been felling well. It turns out my Gallbladder needs to come out it has been making my band tight. I am scheduled for surgery on 3/29/13 with a General Surgeon that also places Lap Bands. I have had so many medical test since last year to try an determine what was causing the pain under my rib cage my right side, what was making my hair fall out (low Iron levels), and what was causing me to be Anemic.

I have had an Ultrasound on my Gallbladder that showed nothing.
A CT with contrast on my stomach that showed nothing.
A Pipida scan that shows my Gallbladder is function at 87% which is not normal, but hyperactive.
I had an upper and lower scope, that showed my Lap Band is not eroding and I have no ulcers.
I had a small bowel x-ray that also showed nothing.

On the Gallbladder front I have no stones and I have no sludge. It hurts all of the time and it does not matter what I eat or drink. Sometimes the pain is worst when I am hungry. I met the General Surgeon the other day and he said that Lap Band corrosion or slippage can act similar to Gallbladder pain. However, we have ruled out my Lap Band, so he wants to take out my Gallbladder.

Turns out there is a high number of Bariactric Patients that need to have their Gallbladders removed within 18 months of their Bariactric surgery. 

My Lap Band Surgeon will not adjust me until after my Gallbladder is removed. So maybe in a few months I can have a fill.

I am Anemic but the doctors cannot figure out why. I have no ulcers and I have no obvious internal blood loss. So Now I am taking 325mg of Iron 3x a day and my hair stopped falling out.

I am holding at the same weight and I have 6.25ccs in my 10cc band and I'm down a total of 35lbs from 272 at the start of my pre-opt diet on 5/10/12.  I am almost a year post-opt and I really thought that I would be 75lbs down by now, but I did not expect to have this Gallbladder issues, so hopefully the organ being removed will relive my symptoms.

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  1. I have read on lapbandtalk.com about the gallbladder problems and am very sorry you =( If only we all had a crystal ball but then again gallbladder or not, you have still lost. Good luck!!